Blueberry Picking (BC, Canada)

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When we think of summer here in Manila, we think of scorching hot weather, sweat and more sweat (or at least, that’s what I think about when I think of summer here!) But summer in British Columbia is a whole different ball game: sun is out, yes, but the air is cool! And to me, this is what the perfect summer feels like!

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And because of this perfect weather, it is also the perfect season for blueberries! So we figured, what better way to start our summer trip in BC than to go blueberry picking!

Our friends who lived in Vancouver suggested we take a trip to Emma Lea Farms. There are a lot of other farms in Richmond, which was nearer to where we were staying, but I was so sold on going to Emma Lea Farm after seeing the photos of the place even though it was a bit farther. And I tell you, the 20 minute drive from downtown was worth it!

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What to bring when going blueberry picking:

  • Sunscreen and hat: the weather was so nice, by God’s grace. So much so that we didn’t feel that the sun was already burning our skin! So come prepared!
  • Plastic containers: where you put your blueberries. These will be weighed first before you go and start picking so that when they weigh it after (with the berries you picked) it will be accurate.
  • Comfy shoes and clothes: you’re gonna be walking a whole lot! I wore rubber shoes!
  • Company! It’s so much nicer to do this when you have people around to share this experience with you!

Blueberry 4

In this farm, you can pick blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and so many other kinds of berries! But it was blueberry season when we got there (first week of August) and strawberry season just ended.

We found a few strawberries on the sides but they were too small to bring home. Maybe next time! :)

Blueberry 7

We visited the farm at 4:30pm and ended two hours later (what?! haha!) Of course, you wouldn’t wanna go there at noon because the sun would be too hot. 4:30 was just right. Good thing the sun sets at 9pm during summer!

With the bright blue sky and the gorgeous afternoon glow, we couldn’t help but take a couple of (hundred) shots.

Blueberry 5

The blueberries (that we personally picked in the farm) cost just a little over a buck a pound! In the groceries, they were going for $2.99 a pound! So we ended up filling up our six containers, giving some to family and friends and juicing the rest of them while we were in Canada.

Blueberry 8

Overall, Mor and I both had such a nice time! Never knew that picking berries could be so relaxing and therapeutic! Being around all these plants had such a calming effect on me. If I lived here, I’d be doing this every time I get the chance!

Blueberry 3

Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon, Emma Lea Farms!

Emma Lea Farms is located at 2727 Westham Island Road in Ladner, British Columbia. Check out their website at!

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