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For Sherlock Fans (London, UK)

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London is home to many of my beloved fictional friends; Sherlock Holmes is one of them. So I paid my favorite detective a visit and I have his card to prove it, see?

We arrived at Baker Street right after we visited The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour (it was a fangirly kind of day for me!) For the Harry Potter tour, we took the official bus that serviced us to and from and so we asked them to drop us at the Baker Street drop-off point after. The Baker Street drop-off point was exactly opposite the Sherlock museum. Hooray for saving on transpo costs!

Sherlock 5

At 221B Baker Street (the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes), you can visit the Sherlock Holmes museum and a gift shop right next to it. I wish I can tell you that I went in the museum, but we didn’t. The line was pretty long and Mor isn’t much of a fan so we opted to just visit the store and make our own little Sherlock moments.

We took our time trying out the famous hats and taking photos of each other! Our simple joys!

Sherlock 7

The shop was really tight and we had to squeeze our way through all the other people checking out items. But they had a lot of really cute knick knacks so I spent some time checking out each item.

Sherlock 6

They’re great buys if you’re a big fan and if this style suits your home decor. They don’t suit ours so I was content with just taking photos of everything.

Sherlock 3

Why anyone would need giant Sherlock lollies, I have no idea. But they do look nice!

Sherlock 2

I will not pretend to be a Sherlock Holmes fanatic. No, I haven’t read all the books and I’m not familiar with all of the stories. But I do like watching the BBC show Sherlock and the other Sherlock Holmes inspired show, Elementary. Haha!

And who doesn’t love great detective stories anyway?

Sherlock 8

Outside the museum and shop, there’s a Sherlock themed restaurant cutely named Hudson’s (after Mrs. Hudson!) I cannot give a review because we didn’t go in, but it looks cute!

You can also take a photo with this guy at the 221B door. The hats are free to try on for photos! 

Sherlock 4

A short walk away is the Baker Street underground station. In front of the entrance is a statue dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

By this time, we were on our way to the Wallace Collection Museum, which was just a walk away, so there was no need to take the underground. But I researched beforehand and knew that there were some hidden Sherlock details inside the station which I just had to see!

Since we got the unlimited 7-day oyster card, we dropped by the station on a separate evening. We had a schedule for a midnight bus ride to Edinburgh on our last night in London so we used our “waiting time” to explore the Baker Street Station (plus make some other last minute stops!)

Sherlock 9

We didn’t explore thoroughly though because we were already pretty tired from all the walking we did that day. So a photo with this Sherlock tiled wall was enough for the evening for me!

(Note: This post is about our experience last April 2014.)
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