Moving Sandhills of Mui Ne (Vietnam)

Muine 3-min SheenaLovesSunsets

Mui Ne is famous for its vast yellow sand dunes. Very very pretty, but also very very hot. Once you arrive, you just wanna take photos and leave right away. Put lots of sunblock! And the tourist hat helped a lot! Praise God!

Muine 1-min SheenaLovesSunsets

Nothing much to see at the area, to be honest. The yellow sand-hills are beautiful (and awesome for taking photos), but you’ll give up in just a few minutes because, did I mention? It’s freakin’ hot!

It was a pretty good place to fly a kite though! One of the friends I was with brought a kite with him and flew it for a little while. A little too sunny that you have to squint your eyes, but it was fine. Okay, gonna stop complaining about the heat/sun now.

Muine 2-min SheenaLovesSunsets

Also, the kids there will offer that you “slide” (see the blue things). Two of the boys did that, and well, let’s just say it wasn’t so pretty afterwards.

Muine 4-min SheenaLovesSunsets

Nothing splendid, really, because you won’t slide at all; the kids are just gonna push/pull you down. You’ll get sand all over your face. Eek. But the poor kids though. You’ll be amazed; they’re so friendly and hardworking. Definite plus points for a place that relies on tourism.

Overall, the place is beautiful to see for yourself in person. Makes for a nice quick stop, but only for that; a quick stop.

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