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What’s Inside My Travel Makeup Kit

Travel Makeup Kit

Having great travel photos is part of the fun when traveling. So aside from planning my outfits, I also make sure my makeup is down pat!

Today, I want to share my favorite travel makeup essentials. But first, a disclaimer: As with fashion, I am also no makeup expert. I cannot do makeup tutorials for the life of me. Instead, I just wanna share some tips that I learned based on experience! Hope you’ll find something useful here!

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Our New Homeschool Room / Design Studio / Home Office

Studio Office Homeschool Room 1-min

After years of planning and months of redesigning, it’s finally done: our new homeschool room/design studio/home office, or what we call “The Studio,” is ready to accept students! (Ok just kidding, I’m only accepting one student for now and that’s Luke!)

Allow me to take you on a virtual tour as I share with you the concept of the room, the different inspirations behind it and some tips in case you’re planning to create a similar space. Hope you like it!

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Celebrating Mother’s Day at Acacia Hotel (Philippines)

Acacia Hotel Manila Review

We absolutely love staycations, as you can probably tell by now, but no one looks forward to them more than Luke! Sometimes, he would even include that in his prayers (“Thank you God for hotels…”)

So you can just imagine his face when I told him we were invited to stay at Acacia Hotel Manila for Mother’s Day! (Hint: It looked pretty similar to his face in the photo above!)

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