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Teaching Luke to Give: Celebrating His 3rd Birthday at Gentle Hands Orphanage

Gentle Hands 2-min

Kids often equate their birthdays with receiving gifts. But what if we encourage them to do the opposite; to give instead of expect? Will it change the way they approach their birthdays? Will it change the way they approach others?

We decided to try. So for Luke’s 3rd birthday this year, we celebrated his special day with orphaned kids at Gentle Hands Orphanage.

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Travel Without Leaving Home: Netflix Edition

Netflix Travel-min

I may be a travel blogger but I don’t travel 24/7! I wish. In reality, I spend most of my days in my lounge wear, homeschooling Luke, working from home and doing errands. Sometimes, all at the same time.

But I’m a good girl (haha) and so instead of hopping on to the next flight and running away from my responsibilities, I instead reward myself with “quick trips around the world” from home. On this first edition on my blog of “Travel Without Leaving Home,”  here’s a list of some of my favorite shows that allow me to travel to places and worlds at the comfort of my own couch. Ready to binge watch travel with me via Netflix? Let’s go!

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Creating Your Own Travel Keepsake Box for Kids

Travel Keepsake Box 1-min

If you’re anything like me, you probably keep more than just the digital photos to remember all those trips by. Don’t tell me: all those ticket stubs, postcards and maps you’ve collected from your trips are stuffed away in a box or drawer somewhere, am I right?

Well, it’s time to put them to good use (and about time you get your desk organized, too!) by creating travel keepsake boxes for your kids. 

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5 Travel Items You Never Knew Were THIS Dirty (and what to do!)

UV Care Cover-min

I’ve written about how my husband is such a germophobe. So it was really a no-brainer when UV Care asked if we would like to do a swab test and check the bacteria count of different things around the house; of course I said yes!

I wanted to do something different though. So instead of things around the house, let’s find out just how dirty the different things we use for travel are. Find out which of your favorite travel items are in need of some serious disinfecting!

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Travel Back in Time at Spring Mountain Ranch (USA)

Spring Mountain Ranch 3-min

Fancy traveling back to see what life was like during the 1800’s in America? Well, I’m sure there was more to life back then that this but what a fun way to get a glimpse of things!

We took a quick day tour to Spring Mountain Ranch while we were staying in Vegas. At the time of our visit, they had two activities going on at that time: The Civil War Experience and The Mountain Man Rendezvous. Here’s how that went!

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Ending the Year with a First

Beach 1-min

I am grateful to God for the year that has passed. No doubt, one of our best ever. We explored, learned, laughed and grew. But if I could sum up our year with just one word, I would describe it as the year that we truly enjoyed.

In 2017, We enjoyed traveling, knowing each other more and celebrating many firsts. So it was only fitting that we end the year with a simple road trip to the beach; Luke’s first of hopefully, many more beach trips to come!

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5 Things I’m Teaching My Kids About Christmas

Mayad 1-min

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We kicked off the first day of this special month with a family photoshoot with Mayad Beginnings. As we entered their studio, gorgeous gold decorations and Christmas songs welcomed us. Ahhh, it really IS the most wonderful time of the year!

So it got me thinking; what are the holiday traditions I want to keep in our family? And also, what are those that we can do without? Here’s a list of 5 things I’m teaching my kids about Christmas and allow me to share with you guys the reasons behind each one!

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Retro Lovin’ at Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner (USA)

Peggy Sue Diner 2-min

As a little girl growing up reading Archie Comics, it has always been one of my dreams to visit an actual roadside diner like Pop’s Chocklit’ Shoppe. I imagined myself getting an ice cream shake, a slice of pie and a good ol’ cheeseburger as I wait by the booth.

Which is why I couldn’t pass up a chance for a visit to Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner when we were traveling to Las Vegas. To me, it can’t get more Americana than this!

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