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Disneyland Through the Eyes of a Child: Photographs by Luke

Papershoot Woody-min

We encouraged Luke to take photos using his own camera when we were in Disneyland. I wanted to see how it was like to view things through the eyes of a 2 and a half year old; I wanted to see what he wanted to capture, how it looked like from his point of view and all the interesting things in between.

To make this entry more interesting, I asked Luke one by one about the photos and I’m using the commentary as captions. Haha. Enjoy!

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Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling: Tips from a Germophobe

Avoid Getting Sick Traveling 1-min

Did you know that airplane bathrooms, hotel light switches and touch screen ticket kiosks are among the germiest places? We encounter all these germy places multiple times a day when we travel, which means if we’re not careful, we can easily contract viruses. And nothing ruins a trip more than getting sick. But what can we do? Well apparently, a lot actually.

Here are tips from a trusted expert (a.k.a. my germophobe husband) on how to avoid those viruses and keep yourself healthy during a trip.

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