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Travel Around the World in a Box with Oli’s Boxship

Oli's Boxship

Before I take Luke around the world, I figured I should give him an introduction first but teaching it to him at home. Haha!

“Around the World” is probably my favorite theme of all time (for basically anything) So I was so excited when I found out that that was exactly the theme of this month’s Oli’s Boxship!

Oli's Boxship

Oli’s Boxship is a monthly subscription box for kids that’ full of crafts and surprises! They curate the activities and contents based on the theme. The theme is different each month.

Oli's Boxship

Oli’s Boxship is geared towards kids ages 4-9. Luke is just turning 2 this month but I felt that he would really enjoy this because he’s always so curious when I work on things. He also loooves opening up presents and surprises!

What’s Inside?

Oli's Boxship

  • All the materials you’ll need for two activities
  • Monthly magazine
  • Book
  • Surprise: a coloring sheet!

Oli's Boxship

Told you he was so excited! So let’s begin!

Working on our first craft project!

Oli's Boxship

There are two craft activities you can do. I chose the “Craftivity” one because the other one looks a bit more complicated. I’ll save that for when Luke is a bit older. So today we’re making a globe night light!

Oli's Boxship

This is our first craft activity together and we’re both excited! Here we are making paper mache glue mixture. I let him squeeze the glue out and mix the mixture using the spoon.

Oli's Boxship

We had to cut paper strips (also provided in the box) and stick them in the balloon. Sorry no photo of blowing the balloon because Luke’s yaya did it for us and my hands were too sticky to take pics. Haha!

Oli's Boxship

My little boy is pretty OC so it was hilarious seeing him get so annoyed with the paper strips that got stuck on his feet! He was trying to get them out but would keep stepping on them again. I wish you guys could see his frustrated/puzzled look. Haha!!

I don’t want him to grow up OC though so I always tell him “It’s okay that your hands are dirty! No need to wipe!” but he would always ask for us to wipe his hands. Grr… hehe.

Oli's Boxship

Had to do the cutting because he’s not allowed to touch scissors yet.

Oli's Boxship

But he was very happy to stick the continent cut-outs on our balloon globe! I love that there are drawings on the continents, which make it easier for him to identify. He doesn’t understand the concept of continents yet but I’m happy he’s exposed to the idea as early as now.

Oli's Boxship

Ta-da! Our masterpiece! Now time to wait for it to dry so we can pop the balloon! As metioned, it’s actually a night light but I only let Luke participate up to this point because in order to turn it into a night light, you had to poke holes. Unfortunately, that’s not yet age appropriate for Luke. Hehe.

Sticker Book!

Olis 14-min

Luke’s favorite item inside the box was this book. It was his first time to have a sticker book and he was so excited because every page had different characters and places.

Olis 3-min-min

But most of all, he loved sticking the stickers on the map. He would say “Mommy, put boat! Put airplane! Put bear!” and I loved that I could help him with his motor skills by guiding him as he sticks the stickers on the book!

What I love about Oli’s Boxship

Olis 8-min

I’m so happy with my Oli’s Boxship for the month. I’m sure I would love the next boxes too even though the theme isn’t “Around the World” anymore (haha!) Here are a few reasons why:

  • It is so well-designed, inside and out! Everything from the box, to the magazine and even the plastics and labels are all so beautiful. I really appreciate well-designed things!
  • It’s 100% complete! You don’t even need to get scratch papers or scissors because it’s all included already inside the box!
  • It’s interactive. I love that you have a book and a few crafts revolving around only one topic because for kids, they retain the information more that way. Luke has seen a lot of maps, but has never experienced making his own globe! Now he has!
You can learn more about Oli’s Boxship or subscribe at their official website.
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  • Reply
    Pau Ramis
    March 5, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Such a nice activity to keep the kids busy!


    • Reply
      Sheena Sy Gonzales
      March 6, 2017 at 9:22 am

      Hi Pau, yes it really is! Very beautifully done as well.

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