Our Love Story (Illustrated Video)

Presenting our love story in a Sheena Loves Sunsets production! ?

This is a presentation we showed during our wedding last March. It’s the short-cut summarized version of our love story! :) It’s a love story that God wrote for us and that’s why we’re very proud to share it to the world. Here’s a part of our story that I wasn’t able to include in our video!

After around 2-3 dates when Mor and I started to go out, I asked God if it was still right to go out with him when he hasn’t stated his intentions to court me yet.I felt that at that point, I didn’t want to anymore (what’s the point of going out on exclusive dates with him if he’s not making it clear that he’s courting me?!) But then, God told me to review my list of “non-negotiables & negotiables” (see video!).

When I did, I realized that there was a lot of things I didn’t know about Mor yet and in that way, I know God was telling me to give him another chance. I told God “Ok God, I’ll go out with him one last time this weekend, but if he doesn’t state his intentions on this date, I won’t go out with him anymore!”

The date came and all of Mor’s plans for that day were cancelled because of one reason or another. We ended up at a grocery (not his plan!) where we saw a common friend. We didn’t know how to react when she asked us what we were doing together (because she didn’t know we were going out!) and this prompted Mor to ask me if he could talk to me after.

We went to a coffee shop and there he stated his intentions to court me. He said he was planning to do it next week (with a more elaborate plan!) but because of the circumstances, he had to state it now. And of course I said it was a good thing he did because there wouldn’t have been a next week if he didn’t!

Oh and during that date, I found out all the things I needed to know from my list (and Mor was a ‘check!’ in all of them!) God’s timing is perfect always!

I have so many other similar stories I’d like to share with you guys (and I will, next time!) because they are testimonies of God’s faithfulness in our lives. All I can say is, allowing God to work in our lives has brought about so many blessings and if we hadn’t listen to Him, where would we be today? I really pray that you allow Him to work in your life as well. It’s something you will never regret.

PS. You probably have some questions about making lists, if it’s ‘biblical’ or a ‘good idea’ to do so, or even, if it’s the ‘right thing to do’ and maybe some of you even don’t agree with what we did, but I’ll tackle those questions in my future entires! I’ll try my best to explain why we did it and how we came about with the things in our lists (Hint: it wasn’t just randomly chosen out of whim! We prayed long and hard for our list!)

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