Masada National Park (Israel)

Masada 1

Herod the Great, known for his extravagant building projects, created Masada as a refuge for himself in case of a revolt. This was around 30ish BC. To say it was a fort or a hideaway cave is an extreme understatement. “Secret Palace” seems to be a more appropriate term.

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We took a cable car all the way to the top. You could climb if you want though (there’s a trail, and I saw some people climbing) but it was scorching hot so I really wouldn’t advise doing it that way!

Masada 5

Commercial. I saw cute birds! And we bought this peanut snack which (was good human food and which) our guide said was a favorite of the birds. So I tried to feed one! Thank you to my best friend, Lor, for capturing the moment! I am so happy with this photo. /end of commercial.

Masada 6

The view up was awesome. Well, you know what they say; you can’t have a palace in the sky (or up the mountains) without a view! Our guide explained in detail how life was like for the inhabitants of this palace back then and it was a grand lifestyle.

But no matter what the glory or splendor, eventually, everything fades away. All that’s left now are ruins. Lesson: we do not focus on building monuments, instead we focus on what is eternal, and that is our relationship with God!

Masada 2

An interesting trivia: The ones below the black line are original structures, and the ones above are reconstructed ones based on the original.

Masada 3

Scale models are positioned all around the vicinity so that we can get a glimpse of the past. They try their best to be accurate and that’s very important!

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Visiting Masada was a good experience because it reminded me of how trivial all the things we busy ourselves with everyday are. Back in Herod’s time, this place was a grand palace but today it’s nothing more than a bunch of rocks! In our lives, we think that the things we are “building” are so important but in reality, in the end, what’s really important is only what we do that will last for eternity.

And so I think it is but appropriate to sum everything up with this Bible verse from Obadiah 1:4 “But even if you soar as high as eagles and build your nest among the stars, I will bring you crashing down, says the Lord.” 

What are you working and living for? Will it last for years, decades or for eternity?

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